Panther’s Second Shutout Win

Kathryn Bland, Editor

The Panther’s loss against Bryant on October 21st left a bitter taste in the mouths of both Panther players and fans, leading the team to redeem their dignity in a shut-out game against the Fort Smith Northside Bears. Along with being the second shut-out of the season, the Panthers also celebrated Senior Night, recognizing all seniors involved in the Spirit of Cabot Band along with the Panther Football Program, making it an even sweeter victory.

#20 Evion Jimerson scored the first touchdown of the night at 7:45 left on the clock for the first quarter, this was succeeded by #84 Kade Martin kicking a good extra point. Only two minutes later, #15 Hayes Cox was able to rush a touchdown at 5:29 left in the quarter, followed by a good Martin kick and point. #12 Abe Owen made his first big play of the night resulting in a touchdown rushed in by #81 Gavin Reardon at 1:23. The Martin extra point was good per usual. 

At 6:53 left of the second quarter, Owen was able to rush a touchdown after a 1st-yard struggle, Owen’s touchdown was once again followed by a good extra point from Martin. Cox was able to rush his second touchdown of the night at 3:16 left on the second quarter clock, Martin remained reliable with the extra point. 

The Panthers headed to the locker room with a 35-point lead over the Bears.

Neither team scored during the 3rd quarter, leading to a standstill in the score at 35-0. During the 4th quarter, neither team scored a touchdown, however, the Panthers were able to score a safety with #44 Luke Wagnon sacking the Bears’ #15. This upped the Panthers’ lead by 2 points, leaving the final score 37-0 against the Northside Bears.

The Cabot Panthers’ next, and final scheduled game of the normal season will be held on November 4th, 2022 at North Little Rock.