Cabot Storms Cheer Nationals

Cayla Garcia, Sports Reporter

In January of 2022, the CHS Cheer team went to Dallas, Texas to compete for Nationals and placed first in their division.
The cheer team has been working hard at practice. No matter how the cheer team does, they always stay positive and have a good attitude that they will do better in the future. The cheer team drove down to Dallas on January 19, 2023.
To aid with mental preparation, Coaches Ashley Cooper and Kristen Sumler took the team to Top Golf the night before the competition. This was the kickstart for the intense weekend ahead of them.
There were over 200 teams at Nationals and 16 teams in the division that the CHS cheer team was participating in.
The CHS Cheer team chose to do a Game-Day style routine. It consisted of a band dance, a situational cheer, and Cabot’s fight song all within three minutes.
“I love it,” senior Natalie Barnello said. “All thirty of us on the mat are yelling and cheering the whole time, and we would engage with the crowd like we would at an actual football game. I truly think our routine was amazing.”
“I think we did really good,” junior Isla-Joy Ramirez said. “It was definitely a harder competition in our division this year, but we did our best and that’s all that matters.”
The CHS Cheer team placed 3rd in their division for 2023 Nationals. They gave it their all at Nationals, and they will continue to train and work hard to reach their goals for the next season.


Cheer Roster:
Aaron Pena, Abbigail Snodgrass, Addison Dempsey, Aimsley Lynch, Alyssa Sweeden, Baylee Greer, Bella Flannery, Braelyn Morrow, Cadence Choate, Callie Conrade, Clara Thompson, Dayja Ellis, Destiny Sandner, Emma Lafever, Emory Koch, Gracie Williams, Isla-Joy Ramirez, Kassidy Smith, Kat McCrory, Kennedy Hemphill, Kenzie Pruett, Kylie Bottoms, Lana Schulz, Lanie Brown, Lily Champlin, Maddox White, Natalie Barnello, Paige Styles, Shealy Ray, Tayler Johnson

Image from CHS Cheer Team Facebook
Image submitted by Isla-Joy Ramirez