Bowling State Championship Win

Cayla Garcia, Sports Reporter

The Cabot High School bowling teams brought home State titles this past weekend.
Both the girls and the boys’ bowling teams put effort and a lot of hard work into the season leading to State.
The CHS Girls Bowling team has placed first at state for the past nine years. The CHS Boys Bowling team has placed first for the past two years.
This is a big accomplishment for both the girls’ and boys’ bowling teams.
“I feel like the girls’ team did the best with what we had,” senior Alisha Thomson said. “We did finish on top, but that didn’t happen without some struggles and doubts.”
While the girls faced struggles in the first game of State, working together allowed them to catch back up to their competitors and take first place.
Thomson said, “After falling behind in the first game, we worked as a team to get as many pins as we could and that put us at number one.”
The boys had a rough start as well during the first game, but after some encouragement, they started to win point by point. Every point mattered at this point, but the boys weren’t scared of a fight.
“The whole team together didn’t start out very great,” sophomore Brodie Brown said. “But we really came together and we blew them out of the water.”

Arkansas State Bowling Champions