State Swim Meet 2023

Cayla Garcia, Sports Reporter

The CHS Swim team worked hard to prepare for State 2023. 

Senior Tristan Peterson has been writing sets to help the swim team to prepare for the big meet of the season to come.  

Sets are used to help track distance and are calculated in meters. An example of a set would be, 400 free, 3 x 100 free @ the 1:20, 10 x 50s  @ 1:00. That can be a short set. The 3 x 100 are on the 1:30 which you would want to complete before that interval is over. 

“I think as of right now, we are on a solid path for prepping for state,” Peterson said. “I wish we could have started earlier, but planning takes time.” 

The Swim Team have been doing longer sets that are more difficult in order to push swimmers to the max and to help improve technique, endurance and speed. 

“I think they’re great,” junior Juliyana Fear. “They’re helping us on each stroke. They’re helping us with our events that we made.”   

Freshman Caden Niece and Jacob Hertzog both made State. This is a big accomplishment being a freshman and making State.

Niece went to State for the 500 free, 200 free, the 400 free relay and the 400 free relay.

Hertzog went to State for the 100 back and the 200 medley relay.

“I feel pretty accomplished and proud of myself in general,” Hertzog said. “Swimming with Coach Jay in the morning really helps with that. I’m really just happy I’m able to go.” 

Peterson prepared a good luck event with the CHS swim team the Friday before State.

 It was hosted at Morina’s Italian Restaurant. 

 This event helped encourage the swimmers for State and set a good tone for the big competition. 

The dress attire for the event was semi formal. 

State took place at University of  Arkansas at Little Rock. The meet started at 5:15 p.m. and after the National Anthem was played, the meet was on. 

Overall, the boys placed 10th at State, and the girls placed 8th. 

The first event was the girls 200 medley relay. The girls placed 6th. The girls in the 200 medley relay consisted of Cayla Garcia, Grace Esteban, Elizabeth Esteban, and Juliyana Fear. Grace Esteban placed 5th in the 100 fly. The girls 200 free relay placed 6th. The 200 free relay consisted of Garcia, Elizabeth  Esteban, Grace Esteban, and Juliyana Fear. 

Everyone put in a lot of effort and went all out at the meet. Many swimmers improved their times and accomplished their goals they had for the season. 

“I feel like I didn’t do as well as I wanted, but I did do good,” Esteban said. “I’m happy with how I swam but I feel like I could’ve done better. It’s just how swim goes, you can have bad and good days.”

“I would say we did pretty good going in with the times, we had obviously two girls relay’s place, Grace placed in fly. For what we had and what we thought, we did pretty good,” Coach Malham said. 

“I think we competed well,” Coach Melder said. “We had several kids and relays that improved their times. As long as you get that part and are improving your times, it lets you know the hard work is paying off.” 

Now that the swim season has passed, seniors are now at the end of their high school swim career. 

Seniors gave advice for the upcoming seniors and the new swimmers joining the team. 

“Stick with it. Staying motivated can be difficult sometimes, but with hard work you can achieve anything! Also, make sure you stay close to your teammates. You can create lasting relationships with them and always have support from them,” senior Peyton Kechter said. 

Swimmers will be taking a month off of practice and will resume training on April 3rd, 2023.

Grace Esteban, Elizabeth Esteban, Peyton Kechter, Juliyana Fear, Selah Sutterfield, Kaite Minge, Gabriel Davis, Elijah Young, James Bolton, Tristan Peterson, Jacob Hertzog, Cayla Garcia, Briana Mahoney, Haden Johns, Kyndal Howard
Jacob Hertzog
Jacob Hertzog
Jacob Hertzog
Jacob Hertzog
Grace Esteban