Fashion Through the Years- CHS Edition

Bailey Winstead, Fine Arts Reporter

As we recognize the class of 2023 seniors, we look back on memories and cherishable photos from the years leading up to now. It’s important and can be exciting to reflect on the people we were and to see what has changed. n
One thing that has certainly evolved since freshman year is style. Whether outfits were meticulously planned the night before or spontaneously thrown on the morning of, each can determine how the day may be conquered or the memories that will be remembered. All of the trends and beloved spirit days that were thought to be fashionable will not be forgotten.
One brand we can all agree blew up overnight is Lululemon. Seniors either love it or hate it. When it comes to trends, specifically Lululemon, this is what seniors had to say.
“Best trend- Filas. Worst trend- lululemon,”said by senior Jackson White.
“Cropped uggs and a lululemon belt bag with leggings is my favorite clothing aesthetic because it is a cute, comfy way to dress, but also a very casual look that can be both dressed up or down,” senior Lexie Lockwood stated.
With so many people on campus, there are plenty of different styles to appreciate and show off. Some of the most popular clothing aesthetics among seniors include: gothic/grunge, boho, cowboy/southern, and streetwear. Many students agree with having a comfortable or simple style while still looking cute.
A simple but effortful style that shows the person’s personality,” senior Jenna Panter declared as her ideal clothing aesthetic.
This approach seems to be a staple for school, as comfort is still a key factor while picking out an everyday outfit.
Despite the differences in clothing preferences seniors may have, they still support and celebrate expressing themselves through fashion. Many people voted for Eliza Hughes as the senior with the best style. They were a close second to Maddox White.
“Maddox White always has the cutest outfits,” senior Chesney Henrichs said.
Instead of picking out clothes for school, seniors are now deciding on the last prom and graduation day outfits. As the class of 2023 evolves their styles and their life after graduation, it will be special to look back and remember the fads that were part of the

We would also like to recognize the other seniors that responded:
“Which senior has the best style?”
“Abe Owen”- Christopher Saunders
“Grayson Lee”- Lindy McLeod
“Josh Ladd”- Josh Ladd
“Grayson Lee”- Piper Sehla
“Kennedy Hemphill”- Alyssa De La Paz
“Chloe Cannon”- Jennifer DeLaMater
“Tristen Farris”- Carter Lester
“Ashley Smiley”- Eli Boyer
“Myself; I love fashion and dressing up for school”- Chloe Cannon
“Krissalyn Scott”- Krissalyn Scott
“Carys Shock”- Anna West
“Andrew Justice”- Andrew Justice
“Keira English, she’s just so fancy!!!”- Leila Thorndike
“Coral Kamm”- Nicole Wolff
“Joshua Riles”- Kaitlyn Ervin
“I don’t know their name, but the one with the cat sweater and blue hair”- Madison Kennedy
“Emma Labudde”- Kylie Bottoms
“Ebony DeGree”- Kaitlyn Branscum
“Peyton Jones”- Jarret Coleman
“Emma Labudde”- Grayson Lee
“Denali Manry” Ivan Espinoza
“Jett Snyder”- Nicholas Purdy
“Me” Marah Starks
“Summer Terry”- Makenzie Mohrman
“Emily Berry”- Diana Haley
“Maddox White”- Jenna Panter
“Myself”- Zacharia Franks
“Cody Arguelles”- Seth Anderson- Dodson
“Me”- Cadence Williams
“Eliza Hughes”- Savannah Blair
“Yearbook”- Jackson White
“Carys Shock”- Akayla Barnard
“Eliza Hughes” – Lana Gates
“Savannah Blair”- Hailee Weever
“Megan Moudy”- Lexie Lee Lockwood
“Makenya Wesley”- Makenya Wesley
“Evion”- Evion Jimerson
“Evion Jimerson”- Owen Horn
“Trevor Eubanks”- Thomas Benight
“Hunter Garriga”- Cooper Dunham
“Bailey Winstead”- Mickel Bailey
“Kathryn Bland”- Estelle Han
“Josh Riles”- Jacob Dedman
“Emma Vandenbush”- Gracie Lee
“Landon Evans”- Jadyn Jones
“I don’t know any names but I see a lot of fashionable people every day”- Samantha “Seven” Danner
“Alexis Reedy”- KatieLynn Bland
“Brayli Gordon”- Brayli Gordon
“Eliza”- Bailey Jo Winstead
“Ella Peppers”- Caden Adams
“Myself”- Myla Richey
“All of them” – Robert Ladd

Eliza Hughes: Best Style


Josh Ladd
Crystal Joy Fermin
Eliza Hughes