Senior Advice

Cayla Garcia, Sports Reporter

With the seniors about to graduate, the upcoming juniors still have a lot to learn before their senior year. Senior year can be tough, so some advice and guidance could be useful. Seniors have been asked to give advice to the upcoming seniors.
Christopher Saunders: “Do your homework.”

Piper Selah: “Make sure to fill out applications, and never feel like you ate behind because you are probably more ahead than others.”
Joshua Ladd: “As long as you show up and do your work, it’s a really easy year.”
Lindy McLeod: “Work your hardest and go to all the extracurricular things you can.”

Jennifer DeLaMater: “Cherish every moment, continue to work hard, and prepare for your next step because the year flies by!”
Krissalyn Scott: “All you have to do is put in a little bit of effort and you’ll do amazing. Take it from someone who never believed in myself.“

Andrew Justice: “Do your work.”
Leila Thordike: “Please, keep your grades up, you don’t want to be the only senior still at school after all your friends left.”
Nicole Wolff:” Don’t waste your time, but also have fun before you run out of time.”
Kaitlyn Ervin: “Always be prepared for anything and everything.”
Lexi Keahi: “As much as I’ve heard this myself I know this now, but Senior year flies by very fast, so make the most of it. It’s your last year so do anything and be your best self.”
Kylie Bottoms: “Breathe, and take each moment one step at a time.”
Grayson Lee: “Take advantage of every opportunity you can. Apply for scholarships and colleges early. Make the most of what you are given and always have a positive attitude.”
Ivan Espinoza: “Live your best year and don’t be afraid of not being yourself.”
Amber Marston: “To keep your determination high – you’re almost finished :).”
Diana Haley: “Be the first person to fill out forms for college.”
Jenna Panter: “You’ll lose some friends you thought you’d keep through high school and college senior year. It’s okay, let them leave. Only have people around you who want to be there and treat you right.”
Cadence Williams: “Everything will be okay.”

Jackson Tucker: “Get ahead of college preparation as soon as possible.”
Chesney Henrichs: “Do it all- Go to all the games, do everything that you can do cause soon you will be sitting here and getting ready to graduate and then you have one summer left with your friends before you start the next chapter of your life.”
Jackson White: “Don’t slack, just knock it out.”
Zach Woodyard: “Make sure you know who Alex Davidson is.”
Lana Gates: “Despite the common answers that everyone will tell you, I am not much different. The biggest thing for you to focus on is maintaining a healthy balance between school and your life.”
Hailee Weever: “Don’t procrastinate because it tends to build up a lot of stress about the work you still have to do. Be a leader, not a follower. Create your own style.”
Lexie Lee Lockwood: “First don’t procrastinate, it is so much easier to stay ahead or on track rather than play catch up on your grades no matter how much you don’t want to do it. Second, I would advise you to cherish every moment with your friends and loved ones. Senior year is supposed to be fun and memorable and you don’t realize that soon you will no longer be with the people you have been with the majority of your life and growing up with, until it comes time.”

Makenya Wesley: “My advice would be would you rather have a hundred pennies or 4 quarters…. That means be yourself in high school and don’t rely on your friends to always be your friends!”
Evion Jimerson: “Go to class and do your homework.”
Owen Horn: “Don’t slack off your senior year.”
Thomas Benight: “Do your work. It’ll be over soon.”
Cooper Dunham: “Make sure you have things planned out.”
Mickel Bailey: “Be conscientious of the people around you, but also know that some people do not care what you do. Don’t overthink every choice, every move you make, but also think how certain choices affect others. In other words, try to think ahead.”
Estelle Han: “Start applications early and ask for recommendations early.”
Jacob Dedman: “Don’t put off anything to do with your senior year or what you’re going to do after.”
Gracie Lee: “Stay Focused. Don’t let that graduation date hinder your academics. Don’t let the ‘senioritis’ take over.”
Taylor Sims: “Have fun.”
Jadyn Jones: “Listen in class and don’t procrastinate.”
Samantha “Seven” Danner: “Try not to miss any extra days. It’s hard to catch up after being gone even for one day.”
KatieLynn Bland: “Class Ranks are fun, but they don’t define you. So don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to others, just do your best.”
Ben Starnes: “Take a day off once and awhile, use your absences.”
Brayli Gordon: “To always take challenges no matter what.”
Bailey Jo Winstead: “Don’t second guess yourself, and don’t stress over the mean people here.”

Lexi Lockwood
Cadence Williams
Krissalyn Scott
Alyssa De La Paz