Senior Memories

Cayla Garcia, Sports Reporter

Although high school can be tough, there are also good memories that can come out of it. As the senior’s high school career starts to come to an end, they will never forget the memories that they have made, either with teachers, friends, or in a class. Students shared some of their favorite memories that they have experienced throughout high school.

Christopher Saunders: “Going to state for baseball.”

Piper Selah: “Any forensics tournament that I went to and theater shows.”
Joshua Ladd: “Hanging out with my friend Seth at lunch was always fun.”
Lindy McLeod: “Performing Matilda for a sold out audience at the Orpheum in Memphis.”

Jennifer DeLaMater: “My favorite memory from high school was the first day back on campus after COVID lockdown and seeing all of my friends and teachers for the first time in months.”
Krissalyn Scott: “One of my favorite memories of high school was making new acquaintances and figuring out all of my goals in life.”
Andrew Justice: “Hanging out with my friends.”
Leila Thorndike: “I met my girlfriend after two unsuccessful relationships.”
Nicole Wolff: “Meeting my friends and being able to sit in a classroom and eat lunch with them.”

Kaitlyn Ervin: “Going to prom last year for my Junior year.”
Lexi Keahi: “My favorite memory was my Junior year prom in 2022. And honestly any event that went on during school.”
Madison Kennedy: “In my old school, I met my girlfriend. It is my favorite memory, sitting in the library with her.”
Grayson Lee: “Orpheum Awards, being a part of the shows at Cabot Theatre, being in the student section, all of the dances.”
Ivan Espinoza: “Getting to make pillows in Mrs. Rowlands class.”
Amber Marston: “Just simply being around my friends and growing with them throughout the years.”
Nicholas Purdy: “One of my favorite memories is meeting my best friend who was a senior last year when I was a junior. We still talk daily. She goes to college in Conway and I plan to head to Conway after Beebe so we can hang out again like we used to. We would walk to lunch everyday and laugh a lot, we’d make jokes and send memes to each other in class. I do miss those days from last year.”
Diana Haley: “Marching Band, the people I have met within this organization will be my forever friends.”
Jenna Panter: “Lunches senior year. I finally got a good solid group of friends and eating lunch with my best friends all year has probably been my favorite times and memories. Not anything crazy, just sitting down and enjoying each other’s conversations, jokes, and company.”
Zachariah Franks: “Waking up every Saturday and realizing I don’t have to go to school.”
Mikenna Mace: “Either being in marching band and getting to leave a lot for school stuff, or being a FB manager, because I got to go to all the games for free and the bus rides were always fun with the other managers.”
Cadence Williams: “Theatre, everything about it has made me into the fun outgoing person I am.”
Jackson Tucker: “Being in the student section when Cabot beat Conway in football.”
Savannah Blair: “Getting to work on the “Lady Panthers” mural I painted in the women’s locker room.”
Chesney Henrichs: “State Tournament this year- We went all the way to the final four and just that whole week of games and doing things together really made me thankful for the time of being on the team.”
Akayla Barnard: “I would say my favorite one right now would have to be my senior year. On our first high school game I hit a home run my very first at bat!”
Zach Woodyard: “Any memories with Alex in them.”
Lana Gates: “Band competitions.”
Hailee Weever: “Homecoming was one of my favorite memories because I got to help set everything up since I am in Student Council.”
Makenya Wesley: “My favorite memory in high school would be laughing with my teachers and learning who they really are and connecting with them before my next journey in life.”
Evion Jimerson: “Playing football.”
Owen Horn: “Playing football.”
Thomas Benight: “The whole two years I played football.”
Cooper Dunham: “Hanging out with friends.”
Mickel Bailey: “Back in sophomore year, when we got Flex Fridays, I usually just hung out with friends. Those were simpler, less stressful times.”
Brayden Gibson: “The JROTC drill meets.”
Estelle Han: “Flex Friday.”
Jacob Dedman: “Breaking my hand.”
Gracie Lee: “Playing in the band stands during football games.”
Taylor Sims: “Graduating.”
Jadyn Jones: “Having fun in Mrs. James’ 6th period English class.”
Samantha “Seven” Danner: “When I was a junior, me and my friends would walk around town for a couple hours. We’d first stop at a crystal shop, Dragonfly Cottage. After spending some time there, we walked across town for McDonalds and Safari Pets. Sometimes it was just us 4, but sometimes we’d invite 1 or 2 other people. We always had a great time, even if it was too hot to think clearly.”

KatieLynn Bland: “One of my favorite memories from high school was when my friend Mickel fell down the stairs. It’s funny now because he didn’t get hurt!”
Ben Starnes: “Crowd surfing at my Junior Prom.”
Brayli Gordon: “Meeting new people.”
Bailey Jo Winstead: “Goofing off with friends.”

Lindy McLeod
Bailey Winstead
Nicole Wolff
Samantha (Seven) Danner