Next Steps: What Comes After CHS?

Kathryn Bland, Editor

Senior students are at the end of their k-12 journey, and with this comes a lot of change. The biggest change for many will be leaving home, especially if they are moving on to a college campus after graduation. This leaves the question most students dread, what are your post-high school plans?

Christopher Saunders

University of Central Arkansas


Piper Selah

I plan to go to Missouri State University


Lindy McLeod

I plan to attend the University of Arkansas


Alyssa De La Paz

University of Arkansas 


Patrick Roberts



Jennifer DeLaMater

University of Central Arkansas


Carter Lester

University of Miami


Eli Boyer



Chloe Canon

I plan on attending the University of Arkansas


Krissalyn Scott

I plan to go to ASU Beebe for my medical license.


Anna west

Arkansas State


Andrew Justice

ASU Beebe


Leila Thorndike



Nicole Wolff

I plan to go to ASU Beebe.


Kaitlyn Ervin

The University of Arkansas



Beebe then UCA


Madison Kennedy

I got accepted to ASUBeebe 


Kylie Bottoms

Naval Academy Preparatory School


Kaitlyn Branscum



Jarrett Coleman

Arkansas state university, Jonesboro.


Grayson Lee

Belmont University


Ivan Espinoza

I am going to college at ASU Beebe


Nicholas Purdy

I plan to go to Beebe for a year to get some college experience first before I commit to a bigger college. I plan to go to veterinary school after attending a 4-year college.


Marah Starks

SAU in Magnolia


Makenzie Mohrman

Pulaski Tech 


Diana Haley

Arkansas State University in Jonesboro


Jenna Panter



Zachariah Franks

I plan to go to HVAC school


Mikenna Mace

If I end up going, I got excepted to UCA


Seth Anderson-Dodson

Arkansas Elite Welding Academy


Gracie White

ASU Beebe.


Cadence Williams

ASU Beebe


Jackson Tucker

ASU Jonesboro


Savannah Blair

I plan to go to work or go to Paul Mitchels.


Chesney Henrichs

Arkansas Tech University- First Generation College Student


Jackson White



Akayla Barnard

I plan on attending South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD.


Zach Woodyard

Anywhere Alex [Davidson] goes


Lana Gates

Florida State College in Jacksonville


Lexie Lee Lockwood

I plan to attend Henderson State University this fall as a recruit on the pom squad. I committed to the pom team and also plan to major in nursing and minor in business or marketing.


Makenya Wesley

I’m going to attend UCA to become a Registered Nurse and then after that I want to become an Travel Nurse! 


Evion Jimerson

I plan to attend University of Arkansas.


Owen Horn

University of Arkansas


Thomas Benight

I plan on going to Beebe Tech in Searcy, for welding and CNC. 


Mickel Bailey

Probably a year at some community college.


Brayden Gibson

United States Air Force Academy Prep School


Estelle Han

Gonzaga University


Jacob Dedman

Arkansas Elite Welding Academy Quitman AR


Gracie Lee

UCA. Music scholarship, Arkansas Chamber Singers Scholarship.


Taylor sims



Samantha “Seven” Danner

Instead of college, I plan to get a job and live as peacefully as I can. I’ve heard personal stories about how stressful college is and I’d like to avoid any extra stress in my life. If I can live with the people I love, then I’ll be happy.


Ben Starnes



Taylor Sims

Lana Gates
Kylie Bottoms