The Hawk Talk

Gina Honea, Staff Writer

How do you feel about homecoming week?

It’s a lot of fun, the kids love it, it’s a light hearted fun week. It’s a little stressful for principles because of all the extra stuff going on, kids going here and there and dressing up. Plus some of them just don’t like to follow rules.

What is your favorite day of spirit week?

Character day is always a fun day, and it’s probably my favorite. One day last year a girl came dressed as me.

Do you plan on dressing up for one of the days in spirit week?

No, and reason I never do it is because of how many meetings I have, and if I went to a meeting dressed up as superman it wouldn’t be very cool.

Do you enjoy the hawk talk?

I do, I really do it’s fun I love getting to talk to kids that I don’t typically get to talk to.