Eating Like Royalty

Selena Martinez, Staff Writer

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Dairy Queen (DQ) opened at  6 a.m. on July 13 to a line of customers. DQ is one of the few restaurants in Arkansas that serves breakfast, and, according to KATV, it broke a company record in DQ history for most sales in one day.

DQ offered an opening promotion for the first 100 people served. Patrons began camping out July 12, hoping to win one of the tickets for free chicken. Junior, Ethan Hance, was one of the few that won chicken baskets for a whole year. ‘“We sat out there for like eight and a half hours,”’ Hance said. “No matter the amount of time they spent out there it would have been worth it considering you get $400 worth of food for free.”   Facebook patrons talk about DQ’s many different kinds of menu items such as pretzels, hot dogs, and salads. DQ has many deals! Mondays are senior discounts, Wednesday $1.99 kids meals, every day $1 drinks and $4 burger plus mini blizzards. Also, DQ is offering free biscuits and gravy every Tuesday for National Breakfast month. Each month customers can enjoy a different flavor of blizzard; this month’s is Pumpkin Pie. If you want any more information on DQ deals and menu items go to their Facebook page and check them out @dairyqueen.

Over 110 people hired for DQ according to senior Caleb Gullahorn, a current employee. “We were packed from day one, and there is no sign of it letting up,” Gullahorn said. “I think it’s convenient to not drive all the way to Little Rock,” Austin Badger said. “I have always loved Dairy Queen, and DQ coming to Cabot has made it a lot easier to eat the food I love,” Badger said.