Become a Champ: Champ’s Programs

Jake Lambertus, Co-Editor

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Three departments in Champs Hall are giving students reasons why they should enroll in course programs offered.

“The Engineering Academy can teach many things such as: engineering, 3D modeling, Robotic Programming, building a house, architecture, electronics and much more,” Engineering teacher Dylan Glover said.

“Before you leave the Academy, you will gain two certifications that can be used in the real world.  Throughout your time here, you will act like true engineers and apply what you have learned to the world around you,” Glover concluded.

“Our FBLA group has participated in the annual district and state competitions.  There are various competition areas such as 3D Animation, Broadcast Journalism, Business Ethics, Coding & Programming, Computer Game & Simulation Programming, Graphic Design, Social Media Campaign, Publication Design,  and much more,” Insurance teacher Elizabeth Hicks said.

Students have service opportunities that include working with a nursing home, recycling on campus and making holiday goody bags for special needs students. There is also opportunity to gain insight into various business related careers.

“At CHS we are very fortunate to offer several completer pathways in business like Entrepreneurship, Web Design, Insurance and Risk Management, Securities, Investments, Risk and Insurance, Management, Accounting, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Social Media,” Hicks concluded.

“Students who come to us in the Medical Academy do so because of their interest in the medical field, most of which aspire to be a healthcare professional in the future.  Students learn a vast array of information as well as hands on procedures that they can use as a basis to build their college career on,” Med teacher Jennifer Mitchell said.  

Examples include learning medical terminology, studying over 200 health careers, knowing what characteristics they need to become a thriving medical professional.  Students can learn Anatomy and Physiology and diseases that affect those systems. Students interested in athletics learn various sports medicine techniques such as caring for concussions to taping an ankle.

“The Medical Academy offers classes that teaches assistant skill in dental, lab, physical therapy, medical, medical office and nursing which they can utilize those skills and get a job (sometimes during high school) when they graduate without having to go to college and make above minimum wage starting out.  The Academy teaches them how to take vital signs and how to deal with infection control,” Mitchell explained.

Students who enroll can get certifications in CPR, First Aid, AED, Nursing, and receive Community Preparedness training. Most students are interested in careers such as nursing, doctor, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, forensic medicine, speech pathology and athletic training.

“However, with over 200 possible career opportunities, they often learn of some of the ‘less than heard of’ careers such as medical librarians, art/music therapists, central sterile supply workers, and office administrators,” Mitchell concluded.