Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Jazmine Whatley

The world is facing one of it’s biggest problems, recycling. The Cabot High School is actively taking steps to make our school more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of disposable water bottles the teacher and student body uses.

The Ecology Club at Cabot High School is working on installing ‘Hydration Stations’ all around the school. There are currently two stations upstairs, two downstairs, one in the Fine Arts Building, one in the Agricultural Building, and one in the Chemistry Building.

“Ecology Club tried to figure out a way to decrease our carbon footprint, and these hydration stations are one way to decrease plastic waste at our school,” ecology club sponsor Mrs. Jimmerson said.

Hydration stations fill up your plastic or reusable water bottles. There are seven Hydration Stations around the high school campus. The district had originally donated two but the Ecology Club thought that we needed more.

“There are about 16,000 water bottles given out in the cafeteria per month, a single plastic water bottle takes up to 500 years to decompose,” Jimmerson states. She goes on to say, “The Ecology club wants you to stop grabbing a water bottle in the lunch line and refill your reusable water bottle.”

Filling up your empty water bottle at this station instead of using a different disposable bottle can help the environment in many ways. “By utilizing these hydration stations and filling your reusable bottle up, we would be keeping 16,000 water bottles out of the landfill just from our high school campus,” Jimmerson explained.  

If you do not have a reusable water bottle, don’t worry, the Ecology Club will be giving out 200 free reusable bottles after Spring Break. They are also working on more projects to come for CHS. “We will begin with a paper only recycling at the high school and hopefully across the district,” Mrs. Jimmerson says.