Brannon McMinn: Against the Odds

Mickel Bailey, Student Life Reporter

Brannon McMinn has made a remarkable recovery from his bull riding accident after several months of physical therapy at Beyond Boundaries, a therapy program that helps children and young adults with disabilities.

Brannon suffered a Diffuse Axonal Injury, a tearing of the brain’s long connecting nerve fibers that happens when the brain is severely injured. Brannon was in a coma for two weeks, with a ventilator helping him breathe. It had been five weeks before he was able to eat pureéd foods, six until he was able to speak, and eleven until he was able to drink mildly thick liquids. 90% of patients with a DAI usually remain in a coma or die, and Brannon has made a comeback from five bleedings in the brain and severe damage to his brain stem, making his recovery a truly extraordinary one.

During his recovery, Brannon surpassed many milestones, such as being able to relearn how to breathe without a ventilator, chew solid foods, and grow stronger to walk again. Brannon’s motivations during these great milestones were his parents, Jimmy and Stacey McMinn, who were at his side through the healing process, and his best friends, who are all collectively a part of a group chat called the “Ghostbusters”.

For his senior year, Brannon’s favorite classes are World History and Anatomy and Physiology, and with his experience, Brannon wants to go to the University of Arkansas, where he wants to study to be a Physical or Occupational Therapist and put his skills to work and help people that have gone through similar struggles such as his. For a head start towards this goal, he is currently a part of the Sports Medicine club at CHS.

Brannon enjoys watching T.V. shows and movies in his free time; his favorite movie being 8 Seconds, a contemporary Western biographical drama film that chronicles the life of Lane Frost, a 1987 Bull Riding World Champion.

Brannon, now able to walk again after taking his many steps through recovery, is now on a new road, one that follows his dreams and ambitions for the future and towards his goals ahead.