Mickel Bailey, Student Life Reporter

Mickel Bailey is the Student Life Reporter of the 2022-2023 edition of  panthertale.com He likes to read, write, and tell jokes that aren't exactly tactful. He is the eldest of two siblings, Jolie and Jamie, and definitely gets along with them perfectly. In his spare time, when he isn’t reading or writing, he is probably heavily critiquing beloved movies and shows with the condescendence and sarcasm of a person who thinks he knows what he’s talking about. One day, he hopes to publish a book under his own name, but until then, he must remain with (creative) writer's block. For a career, he would like anything to do with reading or writing, as long as it isn’t (too) boring. He also dreams of traveling the world and hopes to spend some time in Alaska as it’s just as cold as his heart.

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Mickel Bailey