Arkansas State Championships in Wrestling

Mickel Bailey, Student Life Reporter

On February 25th, Joshua Mercado won the State Championship at the Jack Stephen Center in Little Rock against previous State Champion, Bruce Quayle of Springdale, and became number one in the state.

After years of practice, Mercado has had his heart set on this moment, the many days of training, dieting, and ice baths being worth it in the long run.

“After I shook the coach’s hands and raised my hand up for the award, I just felt really happy,” Mercado recounted. “I’m so grateful for my team. They came out there to congratulate me, and I had told my Mom that I loved her. It was a really good moment.”

The wrestling team’s coach, Coach Turner, won the Coach of the Year Award after the team won State, while Joshua Mercado and Junior wrestler,  Logan Eason, won the Outstanding Wrestler Award for both of their respective weight classes.

This is a big moment in Cabot High School history, as it is the first time that our wrestling team won State.