CHS Student Publishes Historical Fiction Novel

Mickel Bailey , Student Life Reporter

This past summer on July 15th, now Junior Seth Jackson released his second published work, Cicero.

Set in the roaring twenties, Cicero follows twelve-year-old Tony as he and his family are put to the test, with the idea of political purity leading it. With Tony’s father becoming mayor, Tony finds that his father is in a deep well of influence and refines a taste for power, with Tony and his mother having to face the consequences. 

     “I was inspired to write the book after eighth grade, where I found out that I loved writing,” Jackson said. “In ninth grade I had read To Kill A Mockingbird and had fallen in love with the story and the time period it was set in.”

Jackson had been working on the book since eighth grade and has been persistent with keeping up with it these past years. Jackson’s dedication to the story, having worked on it for literal years, is a devotion that many aspiring writers aspire to have.

      “I always stay motivated when writing because it is a great relaxer,” Jackson said, “the ideas just seem to flow out and it makes me feel relaxed.”

Publishing for authors is a process that takes time and management, but in Jackson’s case, he was able to find help with the ones closest.

     “The publishing process took a bit of time,” Jackson said. “We had to find the right publisher, which we did. They’ll edit the book for you, but only once, so my dad took the initiative. He read through it twice and tweaked it a little, then sent it to the publisher. It all took around a couple of months.”

Jackson’s tenacity to his writing is an aspiration to many who want to write at his age. His publication of not only one, but two books proves that with enough will and dedication, anyone could share their story.

     “The thing to do when writing is to take your time and have a lot of patience,” Jackson said. “Sometimes you may get writer’s block, so sometimes just take a break. Don’t feel as if you are confined to one thing and just be free to say what you want to say.”

Cicero is now on sale on Amazon and can be purchased in paperback, hardcover, and for the Kindle.