Wrestling Regionals and State Preparation

Mickel Bailey, Student Life Reporter

On February 18th, multiple schools around the state met with their wrestling teams here at Cabot High School for Regionals. The Regionals started at 9:00am.
During Regionals, wrestlers from different schools competed in their respective weight classes to find the top four to send to the State Championship. Joshua Mercado, who has been with the wrestling team since 7th grade, is number one in the state for his respective weight class, and is getting ready for the competition.
“I’m feeling good about this upcoming Championship,” senior Joshua Mercado said. “We’ve got a really good shot to win it, and I think we’ll win as a team if we wrestle to the ‘next point’.” Mercado was referencing a mantra for him and his team in wrestling.
The State Championship is set to take place on the 24th-25th of February at the Jack Stephen Center in Little Rock. CHS students in good standings concerning attendance and grades can be excused to attend by presenting a ticket stub upon their return to school.

Joshua Mercado