“Anything Goes” Showcased at Cabot High School

Mickel Bailey, Student Life Reporter

Anything Goes originally was a Broadway musical that came out in 1934 set on an ocean liner bound from New York to London, set with a cast of colorful characters who are aboard and cause shenanigans and mishaps along the way. Its classic story has been revised multiple times throughout its history and has been adapted on the big screen twice, to not only delight theater fanatics, but movie buffs as well.
“The story is a little confusing at times,” senior Jake Johnson said. “But overall, it was a fun story.”
Over the weekend of March 10-12, Cabot Theater proudly presented its own go at the story. Anything Goes had a wide variety of characters, such as Billy Crocker, played by Jake Johnson, a young Wall Street broker who was a stowaway on the ship. Billy stayed on the ship in pursuit of his love interest, Hope Harcourt, played by Reagan Whitledge, whose mother had set her up to be married to a wealthy Englishman, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, played by Caleb Shirron.
The story unfolded with many other characters’ stories intermingling, such as Reno Sweeney, played by Grayson Lee, who had an unrelenting love for Billy, but in the end, encouraged his pursuit of Hope, regardless of the marriage that was set up. Along the way, Billy also met Moonface Martin, played by Logan Williams, a second-rate gangster labeled “Public Enemy 13” who was disguised as a minister.
As the story continues, Billy was mistaken for “Public Enemy 1” Snake Eyes Johnson and was an instant celebrity on the ship. He and Moonface Martin were celebrated for a time, until during a “group confessional”, Billy revealed that he was not in fact Snake Eyes Johnson, and confessed to Hope about his love.
Both Moonface Martin and Billy were thrown into the brig, where both began to lose hope. Moonface Martin tried to be optimistic, but Billy decided that it’s best for Hope to marry Evelyn.
Meanwhile, Evelyn found Reno outside and showed that he had feelings for her and not Hope.
Hope sent Billy a note confessing her feelings to him, which gave Billy hope. Reno met Billy and Moonface Martin down in the brig and helped them escape. The three of them rushed to stop Hope and Evelyn’s wedding and succeed, with Hope marrying Billy instead and Evelyn marrying Reno.
“It was a bit cliché,” said junior Reagon Whitledge. “It had a happy ending, though. A lot of marriages involved.”
The story’s Gatsby-esque plotting and fun boat setting was a perfect blend of entertainment that the Cabot Theater whimsically portrays, one that retold the story to a modern audience for another generation to enjoy.