The Adventures of Break

Cayla Garcia, Sports Reporter

Christmas break just passed and so did people’s adventures for the holidays. Students traveled for break, and some stayed home. Christmas break was a time for many students and staff to visit family and friends, or be with loved ones.
“I went to Conway for Christmas, and had three other Christmases too,” sophomore Keley Johnson said.
Over the break, many students traveled and some stayed home.
Sophomore Brannon Wallace worked on his truck over the break, and also visited with family.
“I got truck parts for my Ford. About 90 percent of the parts I got didn’t work. I ended up fixing my muffler so that’s good,” sophomore Brannon Wallace said. “My grandma came down for Christmas too, and is actually still here.”
Johnson traveled for Christmas break.
“I traveled to Denmark for break, I had Christmas there too with a big bonfire,” Johnson said.

Submitted by Keley Johnson