CHS Soundtrack

Lana Gates, Fine Arts Reporter

Countdowns ticking minute by minute, fifty days… forty days…the day. How do seniors spend their last year? Reminiscing each favorite memory or trying to make more? Spending time with teachers or giving it all? Despite what students may choose, every decision is unique. The individuality Cabot High School gives to all is inspiring. Comfort and growth with the help of CHS staff, students are able to prepare for any and every challenge they may face.
Introductions to the new year, new semester, and preparations for the next, whatever it may be, Cabot High School students collectively voted on one thing that got them through it all: music. Genres vary from person to person, whether it may be the latest release or songs that came out generations ago.
Silas Leaves- “I think if students are doing work in class or finished with their work, they should be allowed to listen to music.”
Tayler Johnson- “My favorite music memory is listening to music on the bus on the way to cheer competitions.”
Natalie Barnello- “If I could make a senior playlist, I would add the song ‘Good Old Days’ by Macklemore.”
Callie Neville- “Music helps some students concentrate better in class and not fall asleep.”
Ramiro Mora- “My favorite songs are ‘Symphony of the Shepherdess’ and ‘Stuck in a Timeloop’.”
Jacob Marshall- “We sang Hot Chocolate in choir last year. It was very fun.”
Samuel Thomas- “I think we should be able to listen to music when we are not doing much or when the teacher isn’t in the front of class speaking.”
Dekota Sage- “My favorite music memory is going to a Rod Wave concert.”
Destany Priest- “‘Wait in the Truck’ by Hardy is my favorite song released this year.”
Will Vailes- “‘Moral of the Story’ is the song I would pick to represent this year. The meaning behind it is inspirational.”
Madison Clendenin- “I really enjoyed going to punk rock shows with my friends. Old and New.”
Jagger O’Dell- “Rio Da Yung OG, his music is inspirational and I don’t have a problem with multitasking while listening to him.”
Haley Kenzel- “I had two artists get me through this year. Jessie Murph and Maddie Zahm. These two artists made me feel like there was a way to get through the struggles of this school year.”
Michael McCormick- “I don’t like many of the newer songs.”
Breanna Davidson- “I love listening to Miley Cyrus on long car rides.”
Solomon Nelson- “‘Pure’ by Mac Miller is my favorite song from this year, only thing is it’s unreleased.”
Joshua Ladd- “I got to go to a slipknot concert and got to crowd-surf and go to the mosh pit.”
Aaron Allen- “I believe students should be allowed to listen to music in class if they have above seventy percent for their grade.”
Gabriel Hollis- “I don’t listen to music.”
Abner Flores- “I love Yeat.”
Kylie Bottoms- “My favorite song released this year was ‘Please Don’t Go’ by Wyatt Flores.”
Precious Henderson- “Honestly, I don’t care about the policy. I’m about to leave this place and while in college I’ll be treated like an adult. So it doesn’t have any effect on me.”
Tiffany Southerland- “‘Don’t Blink’ by Kenny Chesney represents how fast high school went by.”
Kyle Harvey- “I think everyone should open up to new styles of music. As someone who tried many new genres this year, having a diverse palette can make music more interesting.”
Karter Hayes- “Kendrick Lamar and JID helped me get through this year.”
Caden Adams- “Students should be allowed to listen to music to increase their productivity, which can result in better grades. I also hate the policies on phones, especially the ones requiring our phones to be away from us. In the modern age, emergencies can occur and they are our point of contact.”

Tayler Johnson