Jazmine Whatley
Jazi was born and raised in Arkansas and is now a senior in high school. She has three siblings, one brother with autism named Max, one sister named Lyric, and an identical mirror twin sister named Ariana. She also has two loving parents named Josh and Katie Wilson. Jazi has four pets, one cat and three dogs. In her free time she loves to play with her pets and hang out with her family.
Jazi wishes to go to college in the future and major in marketing and management. She would like to become a marketing manager after college as well as open up her own business with her twin sister when she’s ready. She has always had a love for both singing and fashion design. Jazi has also been on the A/B honor roll for a couple years now. Jazi is also in yearbook.
In the future, Jazi hopes to graduate high school/college and build a family. She and her sister would also like to prevent gun violence and sex trafficking for the good of the country in the future.

Jazmine Whatley, Editor

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Jazmine Whatley